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Summer Camp 

Every week we will have the opportunity to go even deeper and learn amazing new things about nature and ourselves.
Knowledge that will be useful to us forever.
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"Creating Paradise"- Achim Burkard

"The Art of Now"- Kulam Project

"Building With Clay"- Achim Burkard

"The Art of Now 2" - Kulam Project

"Every Day Awakening" - Glenn Bracey

"Communication with Plants" - Anna Begas

"4 Elements" - Achim Burkard

"Contact Dance" - Adriana Víquez


"Akashic Records" - Carly Akara

Creating paradise

Who doesn't yearn to dwell in paradise?
But what does paradise truly mean to each of us?
Can we actually create our own version of paradise?
or is it a realm that exists within ourselves?

In this course, we embark on a collective quest for paradise.
Guided by the inspiration from the group, we will commence the journey of crafting and joyously experiencing paradise.
Mother Nature provides us with a cornucopia of materials, complemented by an array of tools, musical instruments, massage mattresses, and hammocks,
all at our disposal.

Tuesday 11.7 - Friday 14.7

4 days, every day  9:30-13:30

"Creating Paradise"
with Achim Burkard

Throughout our exploration, we will redirect our attention towards several key aspects:

* Challenging the conceptual division between work and leisure, recognizing how it can impede our path to paradise.

*Discovering the tendency to lose ourselves in external plans for paradise, inadvertently overlooking the precious moments to truly feel paradise within.

* Cultivating deep and meaningful communication, sharing our feelings and the transformative processes unfolding within each of us.

Daily introductory workshops on various subjects will provide us with inspiration and abilities, including:
* music improvisation & sound healing
* making musical instruments

* permaculture
* bio climatization: earth cooling, solar heating and more
* living inside the plant world: tree houses & living construction
* working with cane, bamboo and wood
* clay construction

The Course Facilitator


Achim Burkard

Achim was a traveling artist and craftsman for 14 years, during which he visited numerous ecovillages and cultural projects with his vintage fire engine and circus caravan. Along his journey, he created musical instruments, carried out art projects, and offered his teachings. In 2000, he discovered the valley and was invited by the village of Yator to initiate the Ecovillage Laboratory "Valle de Sensaciones" as an artist, architect, and visionary. Over the course of 20 years, he served as an inspiration for the communal exploration in the valley, conducting various courses on topics such as green building, eco-technology, art and crafts, music, community building and more. His greatest passion in life is creating spaces where resonance can occur between humans and with nature. This longing remains central to his identity as an artist, architect, musician, DJ, facilitator, and project manager.

Co-creator of 'Arche Nova,' Caravan of Peace, Creator of the 'Medicine Wheel of the Senses' in Malaga, Received the 'Award for Research in Renewable Energy' (by Caja España),  Creator of the 'Community Mandala' (a game-based approach to organizing communal living), Designer of the educational program "Sustainable Techniques for Tourism of Special Interest, Received the 'Award for the Best Musical Game' (German Musical Council) Networking coordinator in the Iberian, African, and Global Ecovillage Network (RIE and GEN). Architect of the 'Solution Library' (aimed at preserving the planet) Co-creator and organizer of the "ErosLab" (a space for exploring and healing love and sexuality), Developer of the "Resonancia Community" project.

"Creating Paradise"
with Achim Burkard

4Days Course

Contribution - 180 

*The course is available only to camp visitors.
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Art of now 1

The Kulam Project's Course “The Art of Now” is a unique experience that allows participants to tap into their inner creativity and unleash their musical, artistic and any other potential, in real time. 

The 3 days course is designed for :

*Individuals who are passionate about art or music and are seeking 
an opportunity to explore their authentic creativity in any given moment.

*People who finding it hard to be really present in day to day life, with their loved once, their children or while in any creative process.

*people who constantly "running away" to memories from the past, or dreams and worries about the future.

*Artists that are feeling stuck or too perfectionist in their creation, and not being able to finalize it.

*Or just anyone who wants to feel life more vivid and clear. 

You don’t need to be a defined artist in order to join! Just to be curious, and allow the divine creativity of the universe to channel through you.

Surrounded by nature, the Course provides the perfect environment to unwind, relax, and reconnect with your true self.
Throughout the retreat, we will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities designed to free our art with improvisation skills. 

The course also includes special meditation sessions
to reconnect to the NOW as well as singing, painting
dancing, crafting, body percussion and improvisation in a circle and jam sessions ( bring your own instrument ). 

By the end of the course we will feel much more sensible to the moment, our mind will be quiet and we will feel how intuition is becoming part of our being, and how we are able to channel information that is solving what ever we need. 
See you in the here and now.

Tuesday 18.7 - Thursday 20.7

3 days, every day  9:30-13:30

"The Art Of NOW"
with Kulam Project

The Course Facilitators


Nir Shraiber

Kulam Project's Founder,  Nir is a visionary and creative improviser, using his intuition from young age, he found his path in music healing and tribe gathering. Along side Romina his Beloved, they travel the world and creating pure magic and healing with music channeling, and tribal ceremonies. 

Along Side music, Nir is Celebrating his inner Child by experimenting contently  in group activities to elevate the tribe moral, and to find new ways of healing.

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Glenn Barcey

A teacher, coach and facilitator. He shares, embodied awakening practises to return to and live from our true nature. Returning to what we are outside of a hectic, judgmental, thought-led mind. To a fullness of unconditioned freedom, that doesn´t need improving or fixing. He describes awakening as an unfolding of awareness into the freedom that we already are. It’s not a superhero power or super state for the select few. It's not the end of all our life challenges but It is the end of searching for a better version of ourselves. It's the end of searching for certain circumstances to be fulfilled.  It's the opening of our body to receive the fullness of our being, so we can embody our truth and bring it into the world.

Alvaro Parada dia 1-15.jpg

Romina Ibaniez

Romy is the founder of Kulam Project, a singer, Designer, harmony creator, a mother and a leader. 

Along her travels around the world Romy collected different  treasures of inner wisdom.

Inspired and inspiring as a mother to 2 amazing girls, Romy can create harmony where ever she is and this inspires everyone around her.

"The Art Of NOW"
with Kulam Project

3Days Course

Contribution - 130 

*The course is available only to camp visitors.
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Building with clay

Clay is a truly captivating substance that offers a range of remarkable qualities.
Upon contact, clay delicately embraces our skin, showcasing its inherent healing capacities, such as the ability to mend wounds, draw out infections, and even aid in digestion.

The versatility of clay is awe-inspiring, as it can be molded by hand or expertly shaped using tools, resulting in a supple and adhesive texture.
It beckons us to unleash our creative instincts, encouraging the creation of intricate sculptures or grand artistic structures.
In the realm of construction, clay stands apart, granting the unique opportunity for spontaneous and imaginative designs that surpass the limitations of other building materials.

Moreover, clay provides an ideal foundation for healthy living spaces, as it seamlessly integrates with the environment, aids in bioclimatisation, boasts remarkable durability, leaves a minimal environmental footprint, and comes at an incredibly affordable cost, many times even for free.
Astonishingly, clay can even be employed to erect multi-story buildings that endure for centuries.

This comprehensive course will furnish you with an encompassing understanding of clay as a material, encompassing its diverse characteristics and showcasing a multitude of construction techniques from around the world.

Throughout the course, you will gain valuable insights into optimizing clay's properties through the utilization of various ingredients and expert tips.
Every step of the process, from sourcing the raw materials to skillfully applying the clay, will be meticulously explained.


Tuesday 25.7 - Thursday 28.7

4 days, every day  9:30-13:30

"Building With Clay"
with Achim Burkard